Monday, October 25

10.24.10-Ms. Tutu

Dog with Tutu, Nyc
Polaroid PX 70 Color Shade.

A beautiful fall day for a punk concert at Tompkins Square Park.

Friday, October 22

10.22.10-A dream it seems.

Travel Fund, Brooklyn
Polaroid PX 70 Color Shade.

Not the easiest polaroid film to use but I'm having enough fun for it to be worth it. 

Thursday, October 21

The Laundromat Project -Annual Public Art Potluck.

The Laundromat Project's Annual Public Art Potluck
EFA Project Space

An evening spent with public artists Nanalei Ramos & Jiny Ung, Bayete Ross Smith, and Tattfoo Tan. Chef Rachael Mamane who believes in the goodness of  sustainable and locally produced ingredients presented us with an amazing meal. It was both delicious and beautifully presented on reclaimed wood cheeseboards. 

Tuesday, October 12

10.12.10-Art in Odd Places: Opening Party!!

Art in Odd Places, Theater Lab. 

I had so much fun meeting the artists and helping out at the party! For my blog, I've only posted the ones that I really like. Thus for more photos please visit:

Sunday, September 26

9.26.10-The Gowanus Canal Conservancy

It's astounding to spend the day pulling antique crap from the muddy banks of a Brooklyn canal. Truly time well spent! My job was turning the compost bins. The bugs had a great work ethic and produced a sizable mound of new soil. Next time I really hope to help plant trees.